Pleasure of Working with iPlace

Author- Sujata Koul/Sheena Kirkland


An incredible experience that has been the best so far! iPlace provides a rostrum where everyone can share their knowledge and experience to lead the company towards its goal. Although, having a prior experience working as an HR executive with an IT training institute, I consider this as my first professional experience in the true sense. I have learnt the actual meaning of professionalism here. iPlace has offered me more than what I could have yearned for in my professional life and that too in just less than a year. I am delighted to be a part of such an esteemed organization.

Recruiting for various clients from different domains and business sectors is not that easy when you do not have any prior exposure to this field. However, the training, support and guidance provided at iPlace makes one feel comfortable and perform their best. And this is what is highly commendable at iPlace. People have the quest to perform well and for that, management never lacks in providing all the needed space to the concerned employee. What do you think is the most important asset for any business to thrive? I believe it has to be the employees and in order to retain them trust plays an important role. At iPlace i sense and feel that trust!

You cannot learn everything by listening to or watching some one doing it. You have to implement things on your own and while doing so you are prone to make mistakes. I have made many mistakes at iPlace and that too on a very critical client. Still i was trusted by the management and provided with a chance to prove myself. At present, the status of that client is stable and finally we are out of the ‘danger zone’.

Progress comes with time and every one grows in an organization. At iPlace i have felt that change and today i find myself with a high level of confidence, maturity and of course self esteem. If we go by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, at the bottom of the pyramid is physiological needs followed by safety at second level. At the third level is belongingness which is followed by self-esteem. At the fifth and top level of the pyramid is self-actualization. My experience here proves that iPlace is dedicated towards helping employees reach their individual goals. iPlace pushes each employee to find the top level of the pyramid by boosting their confidence.

What counts most is probably the money at the end of the day but let me assure you that iPlace makes it sure that justice is done to employees in this regard as well. I am contended and happy because what i carry along with me is truly precious. I have received an award which is undoubtedly a strong foundation for my career.


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