About iPlace

iPlace USA is a global recruiting company with head quarters in Vienna, Virginia, USA and an international recruiting center in Pune, India. We provide professionally managed recruiting and sourcing services for companies in the USA, Canada and the UK. Our sourcers and recruiters work as “assistants” to our clients’ resruiters and free up to 50 percent of their time through doing internet-based sourcing and/or candidate screening. As a result, our clients’ resruiters can handle 50 percent more job orders and make 50 persent more placements.

Our Vision
::Recruiting Done Right from Start to Finish::

This says what iPlace is all about – performance, process, getting results, and treating our clients and employees as aprtners in our business.


Sourcers at iPlace find candidates not only from job boards but from wide variety of sources. Passive searches are conducted by our sourcers and find missing high quality candidates which are not available on job boards.

Preliminary Qualification (Pre-Qual) Recruiting
Pre-qual recruiters at iPlace save a lot of time of our clients. These recruiters source and conduct screening interviews to confirm candidates’ high-level qualifications, availability and interest in the position. When candidates are qualified, the pre-qual recruiters schedule comprehensive qualification interviews between our clients’ in house recruiters and the candidates.

Full Life Cycle Recruiting
Full lifecycle recruiters at iPlace perform end-to-end recruiting tasks that may include sourcing, candidate interviewing and qualification, negotiating pay rates, administering online tests, submitting formatted resumes with detailed candidate cover notes and conducting background and reference checks. Recruiters make sure that candidates’ qualified are ready to be submitted to hiring manager without being

iPlace USA, Inc.
8300 Boone Boulevard, Suite 160, Vienna, VA 22182

703-349-5243 (Recruiting)
703-842-7604 (New Clients)
703-917-1690 (Fax)


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