Winning the iPlace Mission Award

Author: Kaushal Sampath/Alex Kage


Let me start with introducing what iPlace Mission Award is all about. Like most companies iPlace has a yearly recognition of an employee in respect to the excellence in services by an individual. This award is not for an individual who has accomplished great success as per a designation or a position. This is award stands for the contribution made to the company in regards to performance, team building, mentoring, work ethics, partnership, work habits, timeliness, efficiency, dedication and the most important following the iPlace Mission statement.

What is the iPlace Mission statement?

The Mission of iPlace is to maximize the financial returns to: iPlace, Clients and employees through excellence in international recruiting.

Here are a few key parameters:

  • Integrity: We do what we say and do what is right.
  • Performance-based culture: We invest in our iPlace employees through performance-based incentives and training.
  • Respect: We treat everyone with dignity and welcome different perspectives.
  • Knowledge and creativity: We promote and support innovation, risk-taking, sharing ideas, and continuous learning.
  • Professionalism: We understand our client needs and the urgency of delivering on our commitments.
  • Partnership: We are true business partner and support win-win relationships based on sharing risks and rewards.

iPlace introduced this award in 2008. This award is the highest award to be achieved by any individual employee at iPlace. What makes this even more prestigious is the fact that the winner is nominated by fellow peers and not the management. In other words, this is an award by the employee for an employee. The nominees for this award are solely based on a vote out. Every individual employee votes for his/her most deserving peer and the person with the highest vote is shortlisted. In 2008, the employees of iPlace had nominated their top three contenders for this award. The final result was decided on a lottery picked by these three contenders.

What is the prize?

The most interesting part of this award is the prize. In 2008, iPlace decided to reward the winner a fully – paid vacation for 4days and 3 nights in a 5 star resort in Goa. Every year this prize gets bigger and bigger. The runners up also received gift vouchers as a token of appreciation in achieving this excellent mark by the iPlace management. For me, every individual standing on the podium for that prize is a winner, irrespective to who wins the lottery.

For me the prize wasn’t everything, it was all about the pride in getting nominated by your peers for this award. It was an honor for me to stand up there with the best at iPlace.