Tools to Get Effective Search Results from Google.

Author-Anusha Bhadauria / Carol Collins


Google – isn’t it an integral part of everyone’s life today? When we talk about searching something on the internet we use the term ‘Googling’. Personally I like Google a lot and I’m always learning new and cool tips to improve my searches on Google. There can be a number of reasons why we use only Google but overall it is the most popular search engine and ultimately the results matter. As we are very well know that best results can be generated by putting in the right keywords in the search. In addition to identification of keywords, there are different tools which can be used to refine and improve the search results. These tools help the search engine to understand exactly what we’re looking for in a better fashion, of course this helps Google give very specific results and the end result is that we’re all happy! I have learned these tools and techniques over a period of three and half years of experience in extensive internet research. I just wanted to share some quick key points that will definitely help you search with Google as well.

Starting with the basics:


:: OR operator can be used to connect different possibilities.

E.g. money OR currency, Web crawler will retrieve pages containing words either money or currency but both.


:: Similar to OR, AND can be used to connect all important keywords together.

E.g. money AND currency (money currency), Web crawler will retrieve pages containing BOTH the words money as well as currency. (There is no need to use AND in Google search engine, Google by default take space between the two words as AND.

“Quotation Marks”

:: The quotation marks helps in generating results with Exact phrases.

E.g. (1) “money making blogs”, the pages retrieved by Web crawlers will contain this exact phrase.

E.g. (2) If we put word manage, the spider will bring results which include words -manage, managing, management, manager etc. But if we put word “manage” with Quotation mark, result will include the word MANAGE only.

Subtraction Mark (-) and Addition Mark (+)

:: Subtraction mark will make sure that the word following the “-” is not included in the search results.

E.g. money -cash, Web crawler will come up with pages containing money and without the word cash.

:: Similarly, Addition Mark will make sure that the search pages contains only the word followed by the “+” and not the plural or any tenses or synonyms.

Tilde/ Swung Dash (~)

:: Tilde helps in getting results with synonyms of the word followed by it.

E.g. ~resume, Web crawler will bring up pages with the words – resume, CV, bio data, curriculum vitae etc.


:: Define helps in getting the definition related to a particular word.

E.g. define:management. Spider will bring the results which contain definition of management.

Asterisk (*)

:: With Asterisk sign between two words, Web crawlers will come up with results where these two words are separated by one or more words.

E.g. money*currency, results will include pages where the words money and currency are separated by one or more words.

With operators mentioned above, Google also supports “Calculator Operators”

Subtraction (-)

:: 100 – 60

Addition (+)

:: 100 + 60

Multiplication (*)

:: 50 * 100

Division (/)

:: 100 / 2

Percentage (%) of

:: 50% of 500

Raise to the power of (^)

:: 3 ^ 5

Try it out, and compare the results. Use Google Cheat Sheet

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